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A definitive buyers guide: roll up and retractable banner stands

Roller banner stands, roll up banner stands, pop up banner stands and retractable banner stands are generic terms for the same product. All of these terms refer to a banner stand that includes a spring loaded tensioning mechanism that winds up a printed banner in a spiraling wrap around a roller while being retracted into the stands base housing for safe storage.  

Keep this simple. Simple is better.

My backstory: Show Me A Sign! 

An online, rollup banner business

I bought my first retractable banner stands in 2004.  They were a novelty back then and I enjoyed everything about them.  I would show them off everywhere I went and everyone’s reaction was always the same: big smiles and “Wow!…that is cool, where can I get one?”. 

So, I started an entire business around banner stands called Show Me A Sign!

In 2006, I expanded the business into a e-commerce foundation and re-branded as the UltraBanner Stand.

More than 16 years and 8,000 banner stands have passed through my hands. I have a gift for ‘figuring things out’ and since I am a trained graphic designer – digital marketing was a perfect place to combine those two skill sets.

I currently live in Pawleys Island, SC and operate UltraBanner as a national e-commerce business platform with customers is 38 states. I also service 1-on-1 the local Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and surrounding Low Country and Waccamaw Neck regions of the South Carolina. So if you are down this way, please give me a call or send me a text message – I love meeting customers!

The customer experience

I am going to share everything I know about this business as a customer  experience journey. This guide is designed for both the first time buyer and the experienced trade show exhibit manager. Regardless if you are a graphic designer, a marketer, sales manager or entrepreneur – this guide has been designed for you.

Customer centric. Eveything we do is based on you.

Why you matter, and why you are important to us? A first time buyer is the most important type of customer to us. Even though your first purchase may not likely be more that a few hundred dollars, your lifetime value is impossible for us to know, but if you are like 65% of our other customers, you will be with us as a customer for the next 5 – 10 years and will spend anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 with us.

What maters most? Easy online ordering

Your buyers journey – what steps will you be going through, what will you do to learn enough to feel comfortable

1. Easy, frictionless Ordering
2. The first 30 days

  • Unboxing, set-up and using
  • Reuseable Shipping Containers
  • 30 day money back guarantee



The online trade show display industry is a marketplace based on a global supply chain. The infrastructure includes large importers, national distribution channels and dealers (B2B). 

Dealers like UltraBanner sell these exhibition displays directly to customers like you through the internet’s marketing channels (B2C) like this website. 

Retractable Banner Stands

The first thing you need to know is that 100% of the banner stands currently being sold in the US are manufactured in China. 

I am referring to the hardware. 

Right now on there are 473 suppliers representing factories, producing, selling and exporting banner stands from China to the US. 

You can see for yourself by clicking this link: Alibaba-RollUp-Banner-Display-Supplier

 Screen capture from “roll up banner stand” suppliers.

The second thing you need to know is that all this hardware is very cheap – not necessarily in the materials and manufacturing methods  – but rather the prices are dirt cheap

The difference between the wholesale markup and consumer retail selling price is around 800%.

For instance, below are eight of the 15,720 “roll up banner stand” listings I found on Alibaba.  

You can see for yourself that these hardware components are selling in the price range of $1.00 – $25.00 each depending on the type and quantity being ordered.

Finally the third point that needs to be made: there are just a handful of really great trade show display hardware distributors in the United States. These companies procure the largest possible quantities of banner stand hardware, and arrange for the importation and distribution to the dealers in the United States from said Chinese factories.

Distributors: “Trade Only” model 

This is the current infrastructure of the industry. 

The largest distributors are also adding value to their offerings. Printing and just in time logistics allow smaller dealers to offer word class graphics and free shipping.

The largest and most dependable distributers have really made massive investments into their operational and ERP IT systems that management massive amounts of transactional and logistical data.

This scale 000 can often be passed on to the dealers in many ways. For instance in being able to offer a very wide and diversified selection of products. WS Displays offers a wide range of banner stands as shown in this product comparison table of their website.


Simplified product offerings based on smart logistics and technologies delivers better value to consumers and allows real innovation to drive competitive advantage. 

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