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Creating stunning brand assets that will amaze your audiences.

I really enjoy this… feels the wizardry!

From glazed doughnuts giant dump trucks Yellow Images offers over 10,000 brilliantly surface mapped 3D images.

They are impressive and super simple to customize. Each image one is created in 3D software and delivered as high resolution TIFF that you open in Photoshop. For around $15 you get a high resolution image with details that can be modified. 


In this brief tutorial I will show you how you can easily customize these sophisticated mockups and create amazing “looks like” models and mockups.  ‘

The Volvo cement mixer has the following body, chassis and other component parts as multi-layered groups when you open the file in Photoshop: 

  • Glass tint 
  • Body parts 
  • Mixer parts 
  • Truck 
  • Cabin 
  • Drop shadows 
  • Background.

Change everything and anything


For example: opening the folder labeled GLASS and find the HUE/SATURATION controls for the layer. Changing the tint of the truck’s glass is a breeze.

Of course it’s Photoshop, so just a click makes any layer invisible. Turning the layer “off” leaves just the natural glass color without any tint.

Each file contains a highlights and a shadows layers. Adjusting them by changing the opacity and fill fields really lets you dial in the subtleties of the colors and the design mods.

The Volvo’s PARTS MERGED group contains each separate part layer merged or nested together into groups.

You can dive into each part layer individually –  such as changing the color of the track cabin to yellow. Open the PARTS folder, choose ROOF, CABIN, DOOR and other elements and apply the needed color.

Repeat this operation with the rest of the elements and presto! 

Surface Maps

Adding graphics prepared as flat 2D images is super easy with the special smart layers feature of photoshop. This is how I added graphics to the MIXER smart layer.

A double clicking on the smart layer layer preview icon opens a new smart layer file. Pasting other images into this layer adds your design. Save the changes and  the logo is now wrapped around the mixer.

Here I added some typography to this iPhone desktop image of Jupiter, and pasted it into the .psb (smart layer). When saved, it now appears as a surface map wrapped around the mixer.

It’s also possible to change the intensity of the drop shadows making them less visible by simply adjusting the fill and opacity slider. 

To change the background color, drag the mockup to your own background.

Highly detailed 3D models are provided in Photoshop format. Smart layers make adding graphics easy.

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